b'EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2014focus on making these improvements in a cost-efficient manner. In 2014, EPRA BC lowered the total cost of operations by a further seven per cent in addition to significant reductions in both 2012 and 2013.epRA British Columbia Our newer product areasincluding electronic toys, musical instruments, and medical devicesare now fully integrated into our operations as part of our EPRA BC has been providing Britishregular service offerings. We are also working with Columbians with convenient, efficientother Stewardship Agencies of BC (SABC) programs to and environmentally sound options forcoordinate collection locations where possible to make recycling their end-of-life electronicsreturning all recyclables as convenient as possible for (EOLE) since 2007. As part of the nationalBritish Columbians. EPRA organization, we have been able to leverage our cohesive national network to deliver best practices in industry-led electronicIn 2014, EPRA BC lowered the total cost recycling to the benefit of consumers, stewards and otherof operation by a further seven per cent stakeholders. In 2014 alone, we collected and recycledin addition to significant reductions in 22,737 metric tonnes of electronics in B.C., diverting anboth 2012 and 2013.estimated 3.5 million devices from landfills.As part of our continuing efforts to provide convenient recycling services across the province, we openedEPRA BC remains committed to being a leader within the 12 new depots in 2014 and expanded our Industrial,stewardship community and providing environmentally Commercial and Institutional (ICI) efforts to recover moresound management of EOLE so that we can continue to EOLE from that sector.help British Columbians extend natures warranty.In addition to expanding our collection efforts andCraig Wisehartimproving our service quality, we have continued toExecutive Director, EPRA Western Canadaschedule of operations British ColumbiaYear ended December 31, 2014, with comparative information for 2013 2014 2013 Revenue:Environmental handling fees$25,515,076 $25,783,306Interest282,530 449,50025,797,60626,232,806expenses:Direct operations:Processing10,493,22811,911,164Handling5,255,3085,395,446Transportation, warehousing and storage4,535,9254,403,439Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits118,502126,699 20,402,96321,836,748Other:Consumer awareness and communications764,700882,947Administration1,651,5741,795,4762,416,2742,678,42322,819,23724,515,171 Excess of revenue over expenses$2,978,369$1,717,635 6'