b'EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2014RECYCLER QUALIFICATION OFFICEThe Recycler Qualification Office (RQO) ensures environmentally soundelectronics reuse and recycling standards for upstream and downstream recyclers are met, maintained and continually improved upon. The RQO administers onsite audits and approvals of reusers and recyclers under the electronics Reuse and Refurbishing Program (ERRP) and the Recycler Qualification Program (RQP) to ensure that only compliant, safe and environmentally responsible recyclers are authorized.The Electronics Recycling Standard (ERS) is currently embraced across Canada as thestandard for evaluating and validating reuse and recycle operations by program administrators.Using the ERS as the standard and the basis for the RQP, the RQO audits and approvesend-of-life electronics (EOLE) recyclers to ensure that EOLE are handled in a responsiblemanner that protects the environment and safeguards worker health and safety.87totAL Audit AppRoVALs issued primary Recyclersdownstream Recyclers ReusersotherusACanada2014 on-site Audits by LocationEPRA only works with recyclers who have been audited and approved under the national RQP, designed by the electronics industry to ensure that EOLE are managed in a safe and environmentally sound manner. This means that all EPRA recyclers are prohibited from exporting electronics or substances of concern to non-OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) nations, and the use of prison labour for processing equipment is not permitted. In addition, EPRA requires enhanced worker health and safety provisions and downstream accountability. these processes ultimately lead to: positive environmental impact improved Health & safetyRobust data security Controls downstream Accountability5'