b'EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2014Message from the Chief Executive OfficerIn just over three short years we have Online drop-off locators prominently displayed on all achieved many major milestones atof our websites for consumers to find their closest EPRA EPRA. We have focused on buildingauthorized location.a national infrastructure, centralizing New, easy to navigate epra.ca and arpe.ca websites.services and harmonizing electronics Development and launch of educational videos stewardship across Canada. This hashoused on our websites and available forenabled us to leverage best practicesdownloading for external use by all stakeholders, Cliff Hackingfrom all eight of our provincial programs and has resulted in operational integration andconsumers and educators.efficiency, while ensuring regulatory compliance inDevelopment and launch of the national, harmonized, each province. public-facing brand message, Extend Natures Warranty, to educate the public on the importanceFor many Canadians, recycling end-of-life electronicsof recycling EOLE.(EOLE) is quickly becoming part of their everyday lives, as Harmonized product clarification report issued for all evidenced by our diversion and recycling rates over thestewards on a monthly basis, streamlining the multiple years. EPRA recycles more than 100,000 metric tonnes ofbulletins to a single report.EOLE annually. In fact, it is estimated that our programs divert more than 15.5 million devices from landfills or illegal export each year; thats 500,000 metric tonnes or over 77.5 million devices diverted since our programsEPRA recycles more than 100,000 began. As a result, a wide range of recovered materialsmetric tonnes of EOLE annually. have been generated, recycled and put back into theIn fact, it is estimated that our manufacturing supply chainsomething we are very proud to highlight.programs divert more than 15.5 At EPRA we strive to improve our nations e-recyclingmillion devices from landfills or rates. As the electronics industry moves towards lighter,illegal export each year.smaller, multifunctional products, this will reduce the tonnage of devices collected annually. To that end, as we embrace these positive trends, such as light-weighting and miniaturization of todays electronics, weAs EPRA continues to make advancements in will continue to move from reliance on weight-basedconsolidation, harmonization and integration, we have metrics to other, more meaningful indicators, including:also experienced program efficiencies and cost savings public awareness, program access and convenience. that we passed on to the public through a reduction In addition to our nationally successful EOLE recyclingin many environmental handling fees (EHFs) and the rates, here are some of the major milestones achieved introduction of a new reduced EHF for the mid-size in 2014: subcategory for 30-45 displays in the fall of 2014.The implementation of our 3R steward system I am proud of our team and the Canadian-wide benefits (a single, secure interface that allows our stewardsof safe and sound recycling that EPRA has delivered. to register, report and remit for all provinces) andLooking forward to 2015, we will work on complying with the expansion to include the Ontario Electronicregulatory program expansion and harmonization on a Stewardship (OES) program.number of fronts that benefit our stewards and the public.The roll-out of a national, voluntary Return-to-RetailThank you to all for your support and commitment in EOLE program in seven provinces, with the eighthmaking 2014 a productive and successful year for EPRA. launching in early 2015, and more than 650retailers participating.Cliff Hacking Chief Executive Officer, EPRA3'