b'EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2014Message from the Chair, EPRA Board of Directors EPRA had another successful year in 2014. With eight provincial programs,This year we expanded our over 100,000 metric tonnes of end-of-lifecollection network in all eight electronics (EOLE) collected annually (representing an estimated 15.5 millionprovinces, with the most dramatic devices), and almost 1,800 convenientincreases in the provinces of Lloyd Bryant collection sites, we are recognized asQuebec and Newfoundlandthe leading operator of industry-led, sustainable, regulated, cost-effective programs for aand Labrador.wide array of EOLE in Canada.EPRA ensures that Canadians have access to convenient, secure and responsible recycling for EOLEEPRA continues to be a North American leader through the national drop-off location network. Thisin EOLE recycling. Its adherence to the auditing year we expanded our collection network in all eightand approval processes for all recyclers under the provinces, with the most dramatic increases in theRecycler Qualification Program (RQP) by the Recycler provinces of Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador.Qualification Office (RQO) ensures the safe management In just one year, Quebec increased the number ofof all EOLE that enter the program. authorized drop-off locations by 37 per cent (from 500 toWith EPRA programs in eight provinces, the development 683), and Newfoundland and Labrador increased by 171of consistent national branding for education and per cent (from 17 to 46 locations)! In 2014, we focusedawareness, and the consolidation and harmonization on education and awareness to increase recycling ratesof systems, EPRA continues to help manufacturers and with the development of an integrated national brandingretailers achieve compliance, while simultaneously campaign and two educational videos that explainenabling consumers and businesses to recycle their EOLE.What happens to end-of-life electronics? and What is the EHF? These videos are available on our websites,In 2015, we will build on the excellent work we have including the new, easy to navigate English and Frenchaccomplished to date. We will strive for even better epra.ca and arpe.ca sites.consumer awareness, and will continue to educate on responsible recycling to encourage greater adoption of the e-recycling behaviour. Encouraging the public to recycle their electronics today, in order to help protect our environment tomorrow, is the goal.Lloyd BryantChair, EPRA Board of Directors2'