b'EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2014Partnerships are pivotal to EPRA NLs success, and we continue to work to establish and strengthen them across the province. In 2014, EPRA NL exhibited at the annual convention of Municipalities Newfoundland & epRA newfoundland & Labrador Labrador, and collaborated with municipalities during Spring and Fall Clean up Days and Municipal Collection Day initiatives. EPRA NL also actively collaborates with In operation for just under 18 months,Regional Waste Management Authorities, and has been EPRA Newfoundland & Labrador (NL) successful in creating EOLE diversion and collection has already collected more than partnerships at landfills in Eastern, Central and Northern 1,000 metric tonnes of end-of-lifeNewfoundland, and Western Labrador. electronics (EOLE), successfully diverting an estimate of more than 155,000In 2014 our program significantly expanded devices from the provinces landfills from 17 permanent Drop-off Centres in 2013 since program inception.to 42 this year. We also initiated a voluntary In 2014 our program significantly expanded from 17Return-to-Retail Program in NL with four retail permanent Drop-off Centres in 2013 to 42 this year. stores participating, bringing the total overall We also initiated a voluntary Return-to-Retail Program collection sites to 46, a 171 per cent increase in NL with four retail stores participating, bringing thetotal overall collection sites to 46, a 171 per cent in just one year.increase in just one year.Consumer awareness levels for EOLE are high in NL.With such positive results in the first full year of operation Seventy-two per cent of the population is aware of thewe look forward to both the continued growth of the EPRA NL program, and more than 95 per cent of theprogram, and ensuring all residents have the opportunity population is within 45 minutes or less of an EPRA Drop-offto recycle their EOLE to help extend natures warranty.Centre. In areas without a permanent Drop-off Centre, we organized 25 Community Collection Events, terry Greenecollecting an additional 46,000 kilograms of EOLE in Program Director, EPRA Newfoundland & Labradorthose events alone. schedule of operations newfoundland & LabradorYear ended December 31, 2014, with comparative information for 2013 2014 2013 Revenue:Environmental handling fees$3,461,808 $2,054,352Interest14,623 2183,476,4312,054,570expenses:Direct operations:Processing390,71952,725Handling141,2098,930Transportation, warehousing and storage629,883134,048Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits28,85023,856 1,190,661219,559Other:Consumer awareness and communications425,900285,819Administration412,255662,742838,155948,5612,028,8161,168,120 Excess of revenue over expenses$1,447,615$886,450Note: 2013 Operations are for the period AugustDecember 2013.16'