b'EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2014an estimate of more than 830,000 devices from each provinces landfills and illegal export.Last year we established nine new permanent Drop-off epRA nova scotia and Centres in NS. We also initiated a voluntary Return-to-epRA prince edward island Retail program with 12 participating stores. As a result of these initiatives, our overall number of Drop-Off Centres under the EPRA NS program is 60, up from 39 sites in 2013 Nova Scotia (NS) and Prince Edward an almost 54 per cent increase. Island (PEI) have some of the highestWe also continue to find success at special collection per capita end-of-life electronic (EOLE)events. Earth Day events in April collected 1,280 kg recycling rates in the country. Establishedof EOLE at Holland College in Charlottetown and in 2008 and 2010 respectively, theSummerside, PEI. In NS, our event at the Ideal Home programs continue to enjoy highShow resulted in the collection of approximately 500 kg awareness levels, with 91 per cent of theof EOLE. Collection events, along with marketing efforts, population in NS and 80 per cent in PEI aware of where toare important in ensuring program awareness remains recycle their EOLE.high and enhancing consumer engagement. We also know that our profile in the community is important. In We are proud of our accomplishments over2014 we were involved in the Atlantic Canada Waste the last year and look forward to continueDiversion Conference and the Association of Municipal championing responsible electronic wasteAdministrators Nova Scotia Fall Convention.management in our region. We are proud of our accomplishments over the last year and look forward to continue championing responsible electronic waste management in our region. Consumers and business operators continue to embrace EOLE recycling in their respective provinces. In fact, totalGerard macLellantonnage of EOLE collected in 2014 was 4,727 metricExecutive Director,tonnes in NS and 658 metric tonnes in PEI, divertingEPRA Nova Scotia and EPRA Prince Edward Islandschedule of operations epRA nova scotia and epRA prince edward islandYear ended December 31, 2014(unaudited) nova scotiapeitotalRevenue:Environmental handling fees$6,400,371 $807,838 $7,208,209Interest39,929 5,445 45,374 6,440,300 813,283 7,253,583expenses:Direct operations: Processing 2,432,470 273,820 2,706,290 Handling 851,974 93,274 945,248Transportation, warehousing and storage 855,28478,215 933,499 Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits 51,601 7,036 58,6374,191,329452,345 4,643,674Other: Consumer awareness and communications 460,71870,646 531,364 Administration 743,805 115,059 858,864 Government fees10,00010,0001,204,523195,7051,400,228 5,395,852648,0506,043,902 Excess of revenue over expenses$ 1,044,448 $165,233 $1,209,68114'