b'EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2014peoples minds when it is time to recycle EOLE. In fact, 81 per cent of Quebecers were aware of an e-recycling program in the province at the end of 2014, compared with just 52 per cent the previous year.epRA-Qubec Our success is the reflection of both the excellent work carried out by our team and our continuous efforts to work with our stewards and all stakeholders in the EPRA-Qubecs program is increasinglyaccomplishment of our goal to encourage the public to accessible, visible and recognized! recycle their EOLE through EPRA-Qubec. Going forward, EPRA-Qubec is very proud of thewe are confident that we will achieve a sustained level of progress we made over the past year. growth as Quebecers make electronics recycling a habit. In 2014, our collection network expanded to include more than 680 authorized drop-off points throughout the province We are confident that we will achieve a a 37 per cent increase over 2013. This expansion hassustained level of growth as Quebecers given the public a wide range of simple and efficientmake electronics recycling a habit.solutions for recycling their end-of-life electronics (EOLE) in a responsible way. Various program activities, such as planning and operating more than 100 special collectionWe expect 2015 to be another exciting year. Everything events, also contributed to an increased volume ofis in place to help us achieve our goals. Quebecers are electronic products recovered or directed to reuse. increasingly aware of how important it is to bring theirAwareness of EPRA-Qubecs program is also on theold electronics to the right place to ensure safe, secure rise thanks to a highly successful ad campaign that,and environmental processing. The potential is there.according to post-campaign surveys, received strongOur main focus now is to get more Quebecers topublic approval. The campaign was specifically designedtake action!for Quebecs market and centered on the effectivenessdominique Levesqueof mass media to help our message be foremost inExecutive Director, EPRA-Qubecschedule of operations Quebec2014 2013Year ended December 31, 2014, with comparative information for 2013Revenue:Environmental handling fees$41,820,232$44,782,574Interest569,242152,997 42,389,47444,935,571Expenses (recovery):Direct operations:Processing7,689,9311,432,915Handling2,015,630(169,694)Transportation, warehousing and storage3,955,0001,457,346Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits249,084 171,046 13,909,6452,891,613Other:Consumer awareness and communications3,853,7921,456,419Administration2,526,8692,967,909Government fees(16,262)225,5416,364,3994,649,86920,274,0447,541,482 Excess of revenue over expenses$22,115,430$37,394,089 12'