b'EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2014further educate the population about environmentally responsible EOLE recycling, with the aim of increasing recycling rates and growing overall program awareness.This year we also worked with a program that integrated epRA manitoba music and EOLE recycling messaging with school curriculum. This culminated at the Team Up to Clean Up event where EPRA Manitobas message was sung EPRA Manitoba completed its secondby nearly 2,000 Manitoba students. We also invested year of operations in 2014. I am pleasedin various collection events around the province, and with the results the program delivered;researched methods to increase access to more remote with our efforts to increase program regions in northern Manitoba. awareness among Manitobans, the program has expanded significantlyover last year. In 2014 we recycled In 2014 we recycled 3,099 metric tonnes 3,099 metric tonnes of end-of-life electronics (EOLE),of end-of-life electronics (EOLE), diverting diverting an estimated 480,000 devices from thean estimated 480,000 devices from the provinces landfills. provinces landfills.EPRA Manitoba increased the number of drop-off locations, adding six to better serve Manitobans. As a result, our programs collection network now coversAs we look forward to 2015, EPRA Manitoba will continue over 90 per cent of the province. We also ran variousto educate Manitobans on the program and increase collection events in rural areas to increase access to EOLE recycling rates. As the program evolves and EOLE EOLE recycling for local residents. recycling becomes more accessible to residents in all Sixty-three per cent of Manitobans understand howareas of the province, we will lead Manitobans to recycle and where to safely and responsibly recycle their EOLE;more EOLE and extend natures warranty. a strong start for a younger recycling program. Nextdennis neufeldyear, EPRA Manitoba will expand advertising efforts toProgram Director, EPRA Manitobaschedule of operations manitobaYear ended December 31, 2014, with comparative information for 2013 2014 2013 Revenue:Environmental handling fees$7,196,771 $6,771,341Interest31,79910,5067,228,5706,781,847expenses:Direct operations:Processing1,602,776905,813Handling534,378346,819Transportation, warehousing and storage345,07232,460Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits58,63760,000 2,540,8631,345,092Other:Consumer awareness and communications356,501400,557Administration630,263 656,500Government fees25,60728,7381,012,3711,085,7953,553,2342,430,887 Excess of revenue over expenses$3,675,336$4,350,96010'