b'EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2014EPRA SaskatchewanCollection 3,163 2.8Operational Indicatorstonnes kg/capitaMeasures related to the weight of regulated electronics collected by End-of-LifeKilogramsthe program for recycling.Electronics Collected Tonnes collected. collected per capita.Access 92% 82Collection Accessibilityand ConvenienceIndicatorsMeasures related to the % of the Saskatchewan convenience of accessing the population within 50 kms (rural) program to have regulated Collection Site or 30 minutes (urban) of anTotalelectronics recycled.Coverage and ConvenienceEPRA Sask Drop-off Centre.collection sites.Awareness 89% 717Public Awareness andIndustry ParticipationIndicatorsMeasures related to the publics awareness of the program,Total manufacturers, and the participation ofretailers and other obligated industry stewards inindustry stewards the program for environmentalPublic Awareness and Percentage of the populationregistered with regulatory compliance. Industry Participationaware of the e-recycling program.EPRA Saskatchewan.Cost $ 1,447Financial Indicatorsper tonneMeasures related to the costs of delivering the program, including collection, consolidation,transportation, audits, processing, administration, communications, management and professional fees. Program Costs Total program cost per tonne.This scorecard lists the harmonized Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which EPRAs regulated, industry-led electronics stewardship programs operating in 2014 in Canada have committed to report on, as per Research and Recommendations for Performance Measures For Regulated, Industry-Led, End-of-Life Electronics Recycling Programs in Canada (Intergroup Consultants Ltd, April 2010). These measures reflect data which is presented in each program`s annual report and/or other public reporting.9'