b'EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2014that blended music, student choral performances and the importance of recycling EOLE messaging with the school curriculum, reinforcing positive environmental actions both at home and at school. In addition, EPRA epRA saskatchewan Saskatchewan successfully continued to promote reuse with the Computers for Schools (CFS) program. The program in Saskatchewan is proud toThese are exciting times in Saskatchewan have been the first industry-led electronicas the provincial government, municipalities, recycling stewardship program in North America when it launched in Februaryand waste management authorities are of 2007. As 2014 came to a close,introducing new recycling programs and EPRA Saskatchewan had successfullyinitiativesreinforcing recycling behavior collected and recycled more thanand providing opportunities to protect the 21,000 metric tonnes of end-of-life-electronics (EOLE),environment for future generations.diverting more than an estimated 3.2 million devices from the provinces landfills since the programs inception. Awareness of the program in Saskatchewan is strong atMoving forward in 2015, EPRA Saskatchewan will focus 89 per cent, with two thirds of the population recyclingon increasing EOLE collection, specifically in rural EOLE through an EPRA Saskatchewan Drop-off Centre,areas. These are exciting times in Saskatchewan as and in 2014 the number of stewards in the programthe provincial government, municipalities, and waste increased by six per cent.management authorities are introducing new recycling programs and initiativesreinforcing recycling behavior In the past year EPRA Saskatchewan developed newand providing more opportunities to protect the partnerships through a national approach, positioningenvironment for future generations.the program to promote best practices for responsible environmental outcomes in EOLE recycling. Part ofGayleen Creelmanthis initiative included public outreach and educationProgram Director, EPRA Saskatchewanthat was enhanced by two Regina school programs schedule of operations saskatchewanY 2014 2013ear ended December 31, 2014, with comparative information for 2013Revenue:Environmental handling fees$6,056,323 $4,609,317Interest155,029127,7776,211,3524,737,094expenses:Direct operations:Processing1,908,3711,984,976Handling1,055,078902,897Transportation, warehousing and storage315,851148,763Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits67,24245,000 3,346,5423,081,636Other:Consumer awareness and communications552,793607,368Administration676,445749,1991,229,2381,356,567 4,575,7804,438,203 Excess of revenue over expenses$1,635,572$298,891Note: 2013 Operations are for the period AprilDecember 2013.8'