b'EPRA British ColumbiaI am continually impressed with the commitment and resilience of the people of British Columbia. People and businesses in this province continue to show their dedication to environmental stewardship by embracing recycling and recovery programs, like ours. While the pandemic has underscored the importance of EPRAs strong business continuity, our essential services adjusted to meet new protocols to protect the health and safety of our communities.EPRA is a proud partner of nearly 1,800 stewards,EPRA BC continues to experience positive awareness including manufacturers, retailers and other stewardsresults. The collaborative work we do with partner of electronics in British Columbia. The partnership weMinistries, Regional Districts, the Return-It network and have with our stewards is paramount to advancing theother stakeholders throughout the province is key to program and upholding the integrity of the provincialgrowing the publics awareness about the importance of regulations on waste diversion.safe and secure recycling. It is strong public awareness Maintaining and growing a strong collection networkthat encourages strong collection results. This past year, continues to be a priority in British Columbia, as weEPRA BC collected approximately 13,928 metric tonnes of continue to identify and remove barriers to participationend-of-life electronics. through accessibility. In terms of geographic accessibility,And finally, my heartfelt thanks goes out to our partners EPRA continues to support electronics recycling in urban,and collaborators here in British Columbia. Your remote and Indigenous communities across the province.dedication and efforts have made these results possible This year, EPRA BC opened four new drop-off locations.under extraordinary circumstances. I look forward to Over the past five years, we have added 31 newcontinuing this work with you in 2021. collection sites to our map. Craig WisehartExecutive Director, Western CanadaSchedule of Operations British ColumbiaYear ended December 31, 2020, with comparative information for 2019 2020 2019 Revenue:Environmental handling fees$16,751,377 $15,412,783Interest277,631578,50217,029,00815,991,285Expenses:Direct operations:Processing7,194,4657,438,187Collection3,606,8453,724,624Transportation, warehousing and storage3,504,4103,875,199Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits47,33049,640 14,353,050 15,087,650Other:Consumer awareness and communications716,067 728,074Administration1,458,431 1,672,7432,174,4982,400,81716,527,54817,488,467 Excess of revenue over expenses (excess of expenses over revenue)$501,460$(1,497,182)6 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2020'