b'Message from the Chief Executive Officer2020 was an unprecedented yearinteractive video, articles and games to support parents, for businesses, individuals andcaregivers and educators searching for resources to communities here in Canada andoccupy and educate kids while outside of regular around the world. The COVID-19routines. When it comes to thriving in a year of challenge pandemic transformed the statuswhats inside counts. Now, more than ever before.quo of business practice and society As part of our commitment to effective and efficient in profound ways. In this context, business management, EPRA continued to move Cliff Hacking EPRA had the opportunity to decisively to implement health and safety practices evaluate our ability to react andconsistent with public health recommendations acrossmaneuver in a time of global crisis.the country.Our comprehensive business continuity plan proved toEPRA also continued to improve the operations and be effective in maintaining the operating functions ofservices we provide to more than 7,800 Stewards across EPRA and its program throughout the 2020 pandemicthe country. Through 2020, we continued to engage turbulence. I am proud of the success we achieved andwith stakeholder groups in a variety of ways, including of the EPRA people behind this organization.webinars, monthly steward updates and our annual Employees During the COVID-19 crisis, in 2020, EPRASteward Survey. EPRA achieved 99% in steward satisfaction remained fully-operational as all staff were equipped toas rated by stewards interacting with our Steward work remotely and continue to serve. Teams across theServices support team and our leading-edge reporting country were engaged and monitoring the situation.system. Our leadership team is incredibly proud of these EPRA operations adapted and will continue to respondresults and of our employees who perform their roles effectively to the pandemic. with enthusiasm and aptitude. EPRA ranked at the top Reporting and Remittance EPRA 3R applicationswithin our benchmark sector and made year-over-year and financial services remained open for reporting andimprovements in most internal categories. Our employees remitting. If stewards had circumstances that delayedreported that EPRA is a safe, innovative and inspiringreporting and/or remitting, we worked with themplace to work.through these exceptional times. We look forward to the next chapter in EPRA history, to Steward Audits Audit activity continuedbring together innovators, logistics experts, sustainability electronically through online communications andspecialists, business and corporate social responsibility secure document sharing even though onsite visitsprofessionals, auditors, and finance & compliance were limited and postponed due to social distancingleaders. We will continue to work across diverse regulatory measures. landscapes and challenging logistical backdrops, to Collection Sites EPRA requested that all collectionensure materials are collected, recycled and handledsites, transporters and processors strictly follow publicin a safe, secure and environmentally sound manner. health guidelines. As local circumstances vary acrossI would like to thank the electronics industry, the EPRA Canada, these guidelines were and continue to beboard and our staff for their expertise, integrity and unique by province.resilience in navigating the 2020 year and delivering Coverage Our new Recycle My Electronicsleadership in environmental stewardship and conservation.campaign slogan tells consumers Whats InsideYours Sincerely, Counts. This is true when educating Canadiansabout the importance of recycling electronics,Cliff Hacking especially when devices were the only connectionChief Executive Officerto school, work and each other during lockdown. The promotional and education focus was placed on the Recycle My Electronics Learning Hub which is designed for school-aged children and features EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2020 3'