b'Message from the Chair, EPRA Board of DirectorsBy all accounts, 2020 was an unimaginable year and the vital role that technology plays across society has been illuminated. In particular, technology kept us connected and supported throughout a global health crisis in ways we did not anticipate.Technology kept us Jeff Van Damme Families connected over video conferencing services, childrenconnected and supported us embraced new online learning platforms, public healththroughout a global health divisions mobilized new digital contact tracing; and I, like many Canadians, relied on electronics morecrisis in ways we did not than ever before for information, communication andanticipate.entertainment during the pandemic lockdown. Among many things, 2020 has been referred to as a year of profound reflection reminding us of the value of what we do and how we do it. EPRA communications messaging embraced this concept and created the Whats Inside Counts campaign. The campaign inspires a reflection of whats within us, our homes and our communities, while also conveying the importance ofWe thank our board, staff and stakeholders for their reusing whats inside our electronics to power tomorrow.contributions in building programs that consumers, In a year of business disruption, I am pleased to saybusinesses, regulators and stewards know and trust. that EPRA provided seamless operational supportIn 2021, EPRA will continue to put environmental through business continuity planning and sound fiscalstewardship into action and make recycling electronics management. This support was welcomed by stewardsan easy option for communities across Canada.and service providers alike as they, too, coped withKeep well,massive process change.This year has shown that electronics and environmentalJeff Van Dammecare can go hand in hand, that we can rely onChair, Board of Directorselectronics and at the same time ensure safe andsecure recycling of those same products. 2 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2020'