b'EPRA New BrunswickThree years ago, our provincial government in New Brunswick began regulating the electronics waste management program under the Designated Materials Regulation-Clean Environment Act. EPRA was selected to manage and operate the recycling program, ensuring the safe and secure recycling of end-of-life electronics (EOLE) in the province. Since 2017, EPRA NB has diverted approximately 3,657 metric tonnes of EOLE from landfill. The resources inside our electronics include everything from steel and plastic to gold, silver,New Brunswick. In 2020, despite the noise of a global copper and palladium. Recovering and reusing thesepandemic, program awareness rose 5% in the province, resources lessens our dependence on mining for newfrom 66% in 2019 to 71% in 2020. resources.A critical component of our waste diversion initiative isTo make it convenient for consumers, EPRA continued public awareness and program accessibility. Buildingcontracts with many of New Brunswicks bottle awareness in New Brunswick continues to be a priorityredemption centres to act as collectors for the program. for EPRA and Recycle NB. In 2020, EPRA/Recycle MyIn addition, EPRA worked with New Brunswick companies Electronics updated consumer-facing communicationsfor the safe transportation of the collected materials to across the country. Previous communications forits authorized processors. EPRA/Recycle My Electronics the public were very much call-to-action focused,has 78 collection sites across the province, with 98% of the encouraging consumers to find their nearest drop-offpopulation within 45 minutes (rural) or 30 minutes (urban) location and to recycle. With many drop-off locationsof an EPRA NB drop-off centre. either closed or operating at a reduced capacity, ourAs we look forward to 2021, we will continue to educate message evolved to focus on raising awareness aboutresidents of New Brunswick on the EPRA/Recycle My recycling end-of-life electronics. The Whats InsideElectronics program, strengthen strategic partnerships Counts campaign speaks to the recyclable resourcesand increase recycling rates in the province. in electronics while reinforcing social distancing. Our communications efforts landed well with the people ofKaren UlmanisProgram Director, New BrunswickSchedule of Operations New Brunswick Year ended December 31, 2020, with comparative information for 20192020 2019 Revenue:Environmental handling fees$3,858,778$3,974,826Interest39,10654,153 3,897,8844,028,979Expenses:Direct operations:Processing464,479488,509Collection187,574268,271Transportation, warehousing and storage231,719292,596Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits30,68034,420914,4521,083,796Other:Consumer awareness and communications371,950375,546Administration494,730555,929Government fees401,000307,5001,267,6801,238,975 2,182,1322,322,771Excess of revenue over expenses $1,715,752$1,706,208 18 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2020'