b'EPRA Newfoundland and LabradorThroughout 2020, EPRA Newfoundland and Labrador (EPRA NL) implemented a number of methods to maintain consumer awareness of the electronics recycling program in the province. In light of the stay-at-home order, EPRA/Recycle My Electronics updated our annual campaigns call-to-action from simply drop off electronics to learn more about the importance of recycling. This update included an online learning hub, featuring interactive games, quizzes, and videos that could be used by parents and children. Thebarriers to participation and encourage engagement recycleMYelectronics.ca website continues to serve as anthrough access, education and convenience. essential communications pillar between EPRA and the populations we serve.This past year, our province diverted approximately 632 tonnes of electronic waste from landfills. This represents With respect to the COVID-19 public health measures,a significant amount of reusable materials, such as glass, EPRA NL cancelled some annual community collectioncopper, aluminum, plastics and precious metals that events that normally happen during the spring monthswere recovered and reintegrated into the manufacturing and deferred others to the fall. In past years, we havesupply chain. EPRA is committed to educating and completed an average of 18 special collection events,motivating Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to but in 2020, we reduced that number to 10 to avoidrecycle their e-waste, as a means of protecting the risks related to public health. In addition, most of ourenvironment and replenishing the supply chain with drop-off locations were closed during April and Mayreusable materials. 2020 as a result of public health directives. The result of these reduced collection activities is that our expectedI look forward to continuing this collective work of collection volumes for 2020 were significantly impacted. strengthening our green economy, while laying the foundation towards a more sustainable future.EPRA NL maintains a strong commitment to accessibility. We are proud to report that 97% of the population liveTerry Greenewithin 45 minutes (rural) or 30 minutes (urban) of an EPRAProgram Director, Newfoundland and LabradorNL drop-off centre. We continue to identify and remove Schedule of Operations Newfoundland and LabradorY 2020 2019ear ended December 31, 2020, with comparative information for 2019Revenue:Environmental handling fees$2,259,862 $2,057,318Interest31,334 59,8262,291,1962,117,144Expenses:Direct operations:Processing255,919328,493Collection188,003179,874Transportation, warehousing and storage413,777516,516Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits21,91024,786 879,6091,049,669Other:Consumer awareness and communications377,144384,065Administration331,300367,122Government fees43,75244,929752,196796,1161,631,8051,845,785 Excess of revenue over expenses $659,391$271,35916 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2020'