b'EPRA-QubecLike many others in 2020, EPRA-Qubec experienced a year marked by the pandemic. After reaching record volumes of recovered electronics in the first two months, we realized that we would need to double our efforts thereafter to meet our objectives.We had to revise our strategy, which worked out welland achieved the desired outcome. As soon as the general lockdown was announced in mid-March, we closely monitored the situation in order to adjust our procedures and implement necessaryon to their old electronics until it was possible to safely measures. Thanks to an efficient reorganization of ourbring them in to a drop-off point.operations, we were able to pursue our activities. AfterEPRA-Qubec is very pleased with Quebecers almost ten months working remotely, our employees areparticipation, as more than 17,000 tonnes of old to be commended for their high degree of solidarity electronics were recovered in 2020. That brings the total and professionalism.of devices redirected from landfills to over 150,000 tonnes To ensure program continuity, we also worked with oursince the program began in 2012. To provide a sense of service providers to maintain product transportationscale, that could fill a row of tractor-trailers stretching all and processing. As for our authorized drop-off points,the way from Gatineau to Qubec City!they had to deal with many closures and restrictions,Given the ever-growing use of new technologies that which complicated access to the options available forthe pandemic has fuelled even further, the need to recycling old electronics. The cancellation of our specialproperly manage old electronics feels more urgent collection events as well as a third of those organizedthan ever. Along with current public health measures, by our partners further reduced accessibility for theenvironmental issues remain top of mind. And although population. uncertainty will no doubt continue to be the backdrop in Despite a modest spring, we noticed that activity2021, we are ready to take up whatever challenges may gradually picked up during the summer to reach newcome our way.heights in the fall. This shows us that our message got across to consumers: that they should temporarily hold Dominique LevesqueExecutive Director, QubecSchedule of Operations QubecYear ended December 31, 2020, with comparative information for 20192020 2019 Revenue:Environmental handling fees$20,498,316$17,830,278Interest341,364780,208 20,839,68018,610,486Expenses:Direct operations:Processing8,974,8259,863,341Collection2,195,3912,064,682Transportation, warehousing and storage4,333,4644,530,269Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits153,395172,35915,657,07516,630,651Other:Consumer awareness and communications2,968,5753,208,724Administration2,398,1522,612,738Government fees4,605 21,062 5,371,3325,842,52421,028,40722,473,175 Excess of expenses over revenue$(188,727)$(3,862,689)12 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2020'