b'EPRA Manitoba Increasing accessibility continues to be a priority for us at EPRA Manitoba, as we seek to ensure all residents of the province have convenient access to safe and secure recycling, whether they reside in remote, rural or urban communities. In just eight years, we have significantly increased our number of drop-off locations. Currently there are 97 drop-off locations across the province96% of the population lives within 50 km (rural) or 15 minutes (urban) of these sites. Working in collaboration with other provincial producer responsibility organizations, we are proud to take the lead in servicingextensive and intentional, in an effort to conserve nature remote and Indigenous communities. and build a greener economy. The green economy continues to gain attention, showingThe investment EPRA/Recycle My Electronics makes potential for our society to increase prosperity, whilein building consumer awareness is critical to increasing reducing our demand on the planet for virgin materials.the volume of electronics collection and diversion from We are delighted to continue working with stakeholderslandfill and illegal export. Over 565 manufacturers, to improve extended producer responsibility plus provideretailers, distributors and suppliers of regulated a responsible recycling program across the province. electronic products are registered with our program for environmental regulatory compliance. We are proud to We are fortunate to have a Manitoba-based, EPRA- work in co-operation with government, industry stewards, verified electronics recycler contributing to the provincesmunicipalities, community councils and Indigenous green economy initiatives. Since program inception,communities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) recycling processes are approved through stringentand the public at large.RQO auditing and licensed by Manitobas Department of Conservation and Climate Change, providing safeAs the people of Manitoba continue to embrace and secure recycling of end-of-life materials rightsustainable post purchase behaviours, we remain here in Manitoba. When materials are recoveredcommitted to delivering a responsible and accessible from old devices they are reintegrated back into thestewardship program across the province.manufacturing supply chain. The collaborative approachDennis Neufeldthis takes across the entire value and supply chain isProgram Director, ManitobaSchedule of Operations ManitobaYear ended December 31, 2020, with comparative information for 20192020 2019 Revenue:Environmental handling fees$3,217,282 $ 3,155,691Interest83,420182,5793,300,7023,338,270Expenses:Direct operations:Processing1,259,4051,537,343Collection626,517597,341Transportation, warehousing and storage248,378275,328Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits21,91024,685 2,156,2102,434,697Other:Consumer awareness and communications486,245503,026Administration537,364598,967 1,023,6091,101,9933,179,8193,536,690 Excess of revenue over expenses (excess of expenses over revenue) $120,883$(198,420)10 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2020'