b'EPRA SaskatchewanIt was an extraordinary year. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone. While waste management and recycling were deemed an essential service in the province of Saskatchewan, most people were staying at home in an effort to minimize the spread of the virus.As a result of the pandemic, some EPRA business partners closed for a period of time, and our year-over-year tonnage decreased. With that said, I am confident that residents of Saskatchewan are still engaged in responsible recycling as part of their commitment to50 km (rural) or 30 minutes (urban) of a drop-off location. environmental sustainability, and, on the other side of thisEnsuring our program is accessible and convenient for global health crisis, will continue to recycle responsibly.residents is critical to moving awareness into action. Through the support of regional partnerships withIn 2020, our annual program awareness study indicated the Municipalities of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewanthat 87% of the population in Saskatchewan is aware of Association of Rural Municipalities, Association ofthe electronics recycling program. The investment EPRA/Regional Waste Management Authorities, RecycleRecycle My Electronics makes in building consumer Saskatchewan and other provincial stakeholders, EPRAawareness continues to be critical to ensure continued Saskatchewan has been able to increase accessibilityelectronics collection and diversion from landfill and of electronics recycling and pave the way for additionalillegal export.drop-off locations.Over the past six years, EPRA has significantly increasedWe continue this work by ensuring that the materials drop-off locations by 22%. In the past two years, we havecollected are broken down to extract aluminum, copper, increased rural and remote locations by opening tensteel, plastic, non-leaded and leaded glass, as well as new collection sites, focusing on municipal collectionprecious metals such as palladium, gold, and silver for facilities, transfer stations and landfills across the province.market reintegration.In 2020 alone, we added five additional sites, driving Gayleen Creelmanthe province-wide total to 100. I am proud to report Program Director, Saskatchewanthat 93% of the population in Saskatchewan live within Schedule of Operations SaskatchewanYear ended December 31, 2020, with comparative information for 20192020 2019 Revenue:Environmental handling fees$ 2,797,570 $2,505,233Interest104,088227,4762,901,6582,732,709Expenses:Direct operations:Processing753,624992,924Collection682,553882,644Transportation, warehousing and storage235,491266,897Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits35,06039,420 1,706,7282,181,885Other:Consumer awareness and communications509,218515,153Administration532,922602,9651,042,140 1,118,118 2,748,868 3,300,003 Excess of revenue over expenses (excess of expenses over revenue)$152,790$(567,294)8 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2020'