b'EPRA British ColumbiaEPRA has been operating in the province of British Columbia since 2007. In the 12 years since that time, we have made great strides in resource recovery and program awareness, and in developing strong partnerships with other stewardship organizations seeking to divert recoverable materials from landfills.Over the past 12 years, we have seen a great deal of growth and change in recycling and in our capacity to recycle both the oldest and the latest electronic products. We continually strive to strengthen our Coordinator to improve outreach. EPRA BC continues to program and the service we provide to the people support electronic recycling in remote and First Nations of British Columbia. communities across the province. As part of a national organization, EPRA British ColumbiaOur consumer campaigns have proven to be successful (EPRA BC) has continued to leverage EPRAs expertise,in reaching the public as our campaign impressions and services and integrated national network to deliver aawareness continue to grow. This year, awareness grew best-practice electronic recycling program that 2% from 70% in 2018 to 72% in 2019. Expanding awareness benefits consumers, stewards, stakeholders and theis a key component to achieving public participation in environment alike.safe and secure recycling.In 2019, EPRA BC collected and recycled over 15,900Moving into 2020, we will focus on building off the metric tonnes of electronics in British Columbia. This year,successes of 2019. We remain focused on the value EPRA BC is particularly proud to be a part of the national,EPRA provides through regional and national program collective milestone for EPRA. The national program hasefficiencies and a successful brand that drives awareness successfully diverted over one million metric tonnes ofand performance.e-waste from landfill and illegal exporta milestone EPRA has been working towards since the programs inception.Craig WisehartOver the past year, EPRA BC partnered with severalExecutive Director, Western Canadastewardship organizations to hire a dedicated Indigenous Schedule of Operations British ColumbiaYear ended December 31, 2019, with comparative information for 2018 2019 2018 Revenue:Environmental handling fees$15,412,783 $17,892,765Interest578,502 492,49615,991,28518,385,261Expenses:Direct operations:Processing7,438,1877,545,323Collection3,724,6243,877,346Transportation, warehousing and storage3,875,1993,880,138Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits49,64069,560 15,087,650 15,372,367Other:Consumer awareness and communications728,074 755,622Administration1,672,743 1,730,8562,400,8172,486,47817,488,46717,858,845 Excess of revenue over expenses (excess of expenses over revenue)$(1,497,182)$526,4166 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2019'