b'Message from the Chief Executive OfficerWe close off this decade in a timeIn 2019, our integrated marketing campaigns received of heightened environmentalnational and international awards, ranging from platinum consciousness as evidenced in theto silver in categories such as awareness campaigns rise of individual and collectiveand public service advocacy. As a result of this forward action on climate change andthinking communications strategy, EPRA/Recycle My sustainable development around theElectronics continues to deliver on key performance world. This has been an importantindicators through increasing the programs awareness Cliff Hackingshift for corporate responsibility andand brand reputation. Public opinion poll data indicated stewardship. Electronic Productsthat in 2019 approximately 79% of the population Recycling Association (EPRA) continues to deliver a in Canada were aware of recycling programs for best-in-class program that educates the public andelectronics, representing a 4% increase over the past directly helps protect our environment.three years.2019 was a record year for EPRA, as we reached aIn 2019, EPRA invested in updating our 3R reporting monumental milestone of diverting one million metricsystem and branding as well as refining the reporting tonnes of e-waste from landfill since the programsstructure for our 7,500 registered stewards. This update inception. Accomplishing this milestone has beenhas been met with positive reviews from our staff and dependent on the passion and commitment of ourstewards alike. Last year, we saw significant growth in stewards, partners and staff, as well as Canadians whoreferrals and enrollment in our programs. This, along with have embraced safe recycling of end-of-life electronics. strong program awareness, has resulted in EPRA being This past year, Qubec, New Brunswick andrecognized as a trusted, efficient and effectiveNewfoundland & Labrador all saw their programsprogram administrator.successfully renewed. The collaborative relationship EPRAEPRA will continue to strive for improvements across each maintains with each of our provincial regulatory bodiesprogram to advance the integrity of our organizations is important in ensuring the integrity of this program andmission and the evergreen standards which guide our regulatory compliance within each unique province. practice and promise. We will continue to work hard to ensure the products that we all enjoy today are also responsibly recycled to power tomorrow. Cliff Hacking Chief Executive OfficerIn 2019, our integrated marketing campaigns received national and international awards, ranging from platinum to silver in categories such as awareness campaigns and public service advocacy.EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2019 3'