b'ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS RECYCLING ASSOCIATIONStatement of Cash FlowsYear ended December 31, 2019, with comparative information for 20182019 2018 Cash provided by (used in):Operating activities:Excess of expenses over revenue$(3,521,783) $(1,703,350) Amortization which does not involve cash127,091115,417Change in non-cash operating working capital:Accounts receivable(147,658)2,071,517 Prepaid expenses31,538(37,342)Accounts payable and accrued liabilities784,072 (1,465,181) (2,726,740)(1,018,939) Investing activities:Investments, net 2,482,581 Capital assets acquired(76,797)(105,007) (76,797) 2,377,574Increase (decrease) in cash(2,803,537) 1,358,635 Cash, beginning of year102,171,250 100,812,615 Cash, end of year$99,367,713 $102,171,250See accompanying notes to financial statements.EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2019 25'