b'EPRA New Brunswick2019 was another strong year for EPRA New Brunswick (EPRA NB). This past year, we continued our efforts in fostering program awareness across multiple audience groups in New Brunswick, as well as increasing the convenience and accessibility of our drop-off locations and diversion of end-of-life electronics (EOLE) from landfills. The expansion of collection sites and drop-off locations continues to be a priority as we strive towards providing the people of New Brunswick with greater convenience and accessibility to drop off their end-of-life materials.provincial programs, EPRA NB has made it a priority to In 2019, we added three new drop-off locations to ourinform consumers about the importance of recycling map, bringing our provincial total to 75. This increaseelectronics and the ease at which it is done. Consumer in accessibility has fostered public participation andpolling in 2019 confirmed that program awareness resulted in increased tonnage.continues to grow in New Brunswick, with an estimated People in New Brunswick continue to show their66% of the population aware of the provincialcommitment to the environment as evidenced in thee-recycling initiative. 1,056 metric tonnes of EOLE responsibly recycled throughAs we enter this new decade, EPRA NB will continue to our program. Despite the trend of light-weighting, ourstrive to enhance our program for Canadians and our tonnage numbers have risen year-over-year, up to 2,716partners, as well as increase the publics awareness metric tonnes (2,716,000 kg) between 2017 and 2019. about the importance of responsible recycling and This is a significant accomplishment, particularlyresource recovery.considering the EPRA NB program only took flight inthe latter half of 2017.Karen UlmanisProgram awareness and education are essential to theProgram Director, New Brunswicksuccess of our waste diversion mandate. Along with other Schedule of Operations New Brunswick Year ended December 31, 2019, with comparative information for 20182019 2018 Revenue:Environmental handling fees$3,974,826$4,295,028Interest54,15317,843 4,028,979 4,312,871Expenses:Direct operations:Processing488,509370,565Collection268,271160,955Transportation, warehousing and storage292,596211,508Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits34,42030,5431,083,796773,571Other:Consumer awareness and communications375,546394,622Administration555,929560,638Government fees307,500467,1881,238,9751,422,448 2,322,7712,196,019Excess of revenue over expenses $1,706,208$2,116,852 18 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2019'