b'EPRA Nova Scotia andEPRA Prince Edward IslandMoving into our second decade for EPRA Nova Scotia (EPRA NS), and approaching a decade of service for EPRA Prince Edward Island (EPRA PEI), we have made significant strides in advancing resource recovery in Atlantic Canada. I am tremendously proud of the program and the commitment both provinces have shown in building up a circular economy and safeguarding the environment.recycling program in the province, representing a 6% This past year, we were able to support both Princeincrease over the past three years. In Prince Edward Edward Island and Nova Scotia as the provincialIsland, our program awareness grew to 87% in 2019, an regulations were revised to expand what can beincrease of 5% over the past three years.collected in each province (effective August 1, 2019In 2019, EPRA safely and securely recycled 2,933 metric and January 1, 2020, respectively). As always, our role istonnes of end-of-life electronics (EOLE) through the Nova to deliver operational results and implement regulatoryScotia program and 430 metric tonnes of EOLE on Prince changes as they occur throughout the country. Edward Island. In Nova Scotia, we highlighted two special EPRA NS and EPRA PEI invested time in 2019 to preparecollection events in partnership with a major retailer and for the collection of these new materials and programlocal shopping centre, which supported our awareness changes. Aside from coordinating logistics and workingcampaigns and tonnage metrics. with local municipalities, our efforts included updatingIt is with great pride and a deep sense of responsibility to communication materials and depot signage. Inour grandchildren and our shared environment that EPRA October 2019, we kicked off Waste Reduction Week bycontinues to be a champion of this workproviding an communicating the expansion of obligated products inoutlet for safe recycling while educating the public about Nova Scotia at a press conference with a member of thethe importance of resource recovery. Legislative Assembly, local media and provincial partners.Gerard MacLellanIn 2019, our marketing and outreach activities made aExecutive Director, Atlantic Canada significant impact. In Nova Scotia, a 2019 study indicated that 94% of respondents are aware of an end-of-life Schedule of Operations EPRA Nova Scotia and EPRA Prince Edward IslandYear ended December 31, 2019 (unaudited) Nova ScotiaPEITotalRevenue:Environmental handling fees $4,008,565 $ 623,196$4,631,761 Interest 108,37414,778 123,1524,116,939637,9744,754,913Expenses:Direct operations: Processing1,406,579221,9811,628,560 Collection686,563 77,718 764,281 Transportation, warehousing and storage 507,490108,484 615,974 Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits30,290 4,13034,4202,630,922412,3133,043,235Other: Consumer awareness and communications342,610 68,754411,364 Administration585,31268,767654,079 Government fees 20,00020,000 927,922157,5211,085,4433,558,844569,8344,128,678 Excess of revenue over expenses$558,095$68,140$626,235 14 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2019'