b'EPRA-QubecEPRA-Qubec in 2019 mirrored the energy sweeping through the provinces renewed focus on sustainability. It is within this context of change, and by staying the course in terms of promoting program recognition, efficiency, and accessibility, that EPRA-Qubec was able to maintain its awareness level, as well as encourage even more Quebecers to responsibly recycle their end-of-life electronics (EOLE). EPRA-Qubec diverted over 20,000 metric tonnes of old electronics from landfills or illegal export in 2019. By takingthem. Our spokesperson, scientist Martin Carli, continued advantage of our wide network of authorized drop-offto advance our cause by contributing his credibility to points and almost 150 collection events organized acrosseffectively deliver our message. Results have shown that the province, Qubec citizens, industries, businesses, andour awareness-raising efforts paid off.institutions all had a hand in this great accomplishment,Looking forward to 2020, it is undeniable that which is all the more impressive given the increasingenvironmental issues are increasingly front and centre miniaturization of electronic devices. We take great pridein discussions at all levels of government. As a growing in our programs contribution in helping EPRA reach thenumber of us are wanting to do more for our planet, significant national milestone of collecting more than oneEPRA-Qubecs program will continue to play an million tonnes of EOLE. important role in the protection of our environmentQuebecers bring up the same reasons year after yearand the safe management of our electronics. for keeping their old electronics. Our 2019 ad campaign focussed on changing this behaviour by encouragingDominique Levesquethe population to take action and recycle their oldExecutive Director, Qubecdevices, despite the reasons they were hanging on to Schedule of Operations QubecYear ended December 31, 2019, with comparative information for 20182019 2018 Revenue:Environmental handling fees$17,830,278$17,169,815Interest780,208709,032 18,610,48617,878,847Expenses:Direct operations:Processing9,863,34110,043,481Collection2,064,6822,093,834Transportation, warehousing and storage4,530,2694,471,522Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits172,359224,64316,630,65116,833,480Other:Consumer awareness and communications3,208,7243,225,212Administration2,612,7382,751,602Government fees21,062 18,971 5,842,5245,995,78522,473,17522,829,265 Excess of expenses over revenue$(3,862,689)$(4,950,418)12 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2019'