b'EPRA Manitoba In 2019, EPRA Manitoba (EPRA MB) recycled over 3,050 metric tonnes of end-of-life electronics (EOLE), diverting e-waste from Canadian landfills. Since the program began, EPRA MB has diverted 22,900 metric tonnes of EOLE. We are proud of our programs involvement in diverting recyclable and reusable devices, contributing to our national programs 2019 landmark achievement of diverting one million tonnes since the national program began. An important piece in measuring our success is throughBetween 2017 and 2019, public awareness in Manitoba the lens of accessibility. Our growth in drop off locations grew 8%, from 69% to 77%, respectively. In 2019, EPRA MB improves participation and increases material diversion.continued to prioritize community engagement in our In 2019, EPRA MB opened 11 new drop-off locations,strategy to build awareness and diversion. Partnering with increasing accessibility for remote and northernthe American Hockey Leagues Manitoba Moose Power communities. In just seven years, EPRA MB has increasedPlay scoreboard program is one example of this. EPRA/the number of depots by 179% to the current 95Recycle My Electronics was also delighted to partner conveniently-positioned locations across the province. with 4-H Canada to promote responsible recycling and Working with other producer responsibility organizationssupport rural youth in being stewards of the environment. (PROs) that have been established in Manitoba toAs we enter a new decade, I am eager to continue our enhance material recycling, EPRA MB has taken the leadwork in increasing awareness about the importance in servicing remote and First Nations communities. Forand ease of responsible electronic recycling in Canada. example, EPRA MB worked with the northern communityResource recovery is not only an investment in supporting of Churchill to ensure residents continued to have accessthe circular economy but also an opportunity for us to to recycling solutions while the northern rail line waswork together to reduce our environmental impact. inoperable. In 2019, when the rail line reopened, a full semi-trailer of electronics was collected and recycledDennis Neufeldthrough our program. Program Director, ManitobaSchedule of Operations ManitobaYear ended December 31, 2019, with comparative information for 20182019 2018 Revenue:Environmental handling fees$3,155,691 $ 3,170,136Interest182,579161,2013,338,2703,331,337Expenses:Direct operations:Processing1,537,3431,595,357Collection597,341558,473Transportation, warehousing and storage275,328247,898Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits24,68537,648 2,434,6972,439,376Other:Consumer awareness and communications503,026489,688Administration598,967601,036 Government fees(45,261) 1,101,9931,045,4633,536,6903,484,839 Excess of expenses over revenue $(198,420)$(153,502)10 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2019'