6 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2018 2018 marked the 11th year of end-of- life electronics recycling in BC, and we continue to be an environmental leader through public awareness and engagement. As a province, we lead the way with the most extensive list of mandated materials for recycling in The launch of the revitalized Recycle My Electronics BC website in 2017 led to increased online user engagement. With education tools and interactive elements, the revitalized website attracted consumers of all ages. In 2018, the website was further optimized, and with this enhancement we saw increased search engine rankings contributing to our overall consumer outreach and engagement strategy. Together, we are all contributing to a sustainable future, and EPRA BC is proud of our part in helping to make it easier and more convenient for consumers in our province to safely and securely recycle their end-of-life electronics. Craig Wisehart Executive Director, Western Canada North America. The success of the EPRA program in BC is a result of consumers and stewards, who are both committed to a safe and secure electronics recycling program and a progressive environmental sustainability model. As in previous years, the industry-wide, light-weighting trend has continued in 2018 – with lighter, smaller and multi-purpose electronics replacing larger, heavier and single-purpose devices. Our mandate of ensuring greater accessibility and convenience, as well as ongoing public awareness and engagement strategies, continue to be priorities for e-waste diversion. EPRA BC has continued its efforts in expanding the number of drop-off locations province-wide, with extra attention focused on accessibility in rural locations. In 2018, we welcomed the opening of 20 new drop-off locations, totaling 284 across the province. Through collection initiatives we are striving to offer more options and opportunities for consumers – particularly those in smaller and more rural communities – to safely and securely recycle their end-of-life electronics. Schedule of Operations British Columbia 2018 2017 Revenue: Environmental handling fees $ 17,892,765 $ 20,567,851 Interest 492,496 280,719 18,385,261 20,848,570 Expenses: Direct operations: Processing 7,545,323 8,182,700 Collection 3,877,346 3,970,076 Transportation, warehousing and storage 3,880,138 3,773,466 Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits 69,560 73,962 15,372,367 16,000,204 Other: Consumer awareness and communications 755,622 772,422 Administration 1,730,856 1,623,929 2,486,478 2,396,351 17,858,845 18,396,555 Excess of revenue over expenses $ 526,416 $ 2,452,015 Year ended December 31, 2018, with comparative information for 2017 EPRA British Columbia