14 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2018 Schedule of Operations EPRA Nova Scotia and EPRA Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia PEI Total Revenue: Environmental handling fees $ 4,095,396 $ 640,026 $ 4,735,422 Interest 80,421 10,966 91,387 4,175,817 650,992 4,826,809 Expenses: Direct operations: Processing 1,378,260 224,495 1,602,755 Collection 599,270 76,159 675,429 Transportation, warehousing and storage 96,190 628,194 Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits 29,537 4,028 33,565 2,539,071 2,939,943 268,654 310,854 600,108 681,831 Government fees – 20,000 20,000 868,762 143,923 1,012,685 3,407,833 3,952,628 Excess of revenue over expenses $ $ $ 874,181 Year ended December 31, 2018 (unaudited) In our last decade of operating in Nova Scotia, EPRA has seen a steady growth in consumer participation and engagement. At the heart of the program is the drive to continually invest in our shared future by ensuring that end-of-life electronics are safely and securely recycled. Consumer awareness of the program hit an all-time high in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, reaching 94% and 86% respectively in 2018. Residents in both provinces have clearly demonstrated their interest in and adoption of the program. Key to an engaged public is increased accessibility. We continue to expand the collection network throughout Nova Scotia to make end-of-life electronics recycling easier and more convenient for all residents. There are now a total of 71 drop-off locations across the province, as well as return-to-retail and special community collection events. The EPRA program in PEI has seen continued success. In 2018, EPRA PEI opened four new collection sites, providing greater accessibility to rural and urban communities alike. PEI continues to rank in the top of the provinces with one of the highest per capita collection and diversion rates in the country. EPRA Nova Scotia and EPRA PEI continue to see the effects of light-weighting. While it does not result in fewer units recycled, the trend does change collection EPRA Nova Scotia and EPRA Prince Edward Island tonnage. Using a tonnage metric as an indicator of diversion success is being monitored throughout the country and industry. Consumer awareness and participation are equally important measures of program success. To that end, we will continue with public outreach and engagement to drive even greater participation. Recognizing the importance of regional marketing, in 2018 we built off the success of the Recycle My Electronics website refresh and optimization. The effect was a better consumer experience as well as an increase in search engine rankings in Nova Scotia and PEI. Safe and secure electronics recycling remains a key priority for residents in Nova Scotia and PEI. EPRA will continue to make it even easier through increased awareness and accessibility, contributing to a sustainable future for all of us. Gerard MacLellan Executive Director, Atlantic Canada Administration Consumer awareness and communications