12 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2018 2018 2017 Revenue: Environmental handling fees $ 17,169,815 $ 16,447,765 Interest 709,032 503,993 17,878,847 16,951,758 Expenses: Direct operations: Processing 10,043,481 10,903,777 Collection 2,093,834 2,321,285 Transportation, warehousing and storage 4,471,522 4,466,610 Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits 224,643 222,916 16,833,480 17,914,588 Other: Consumer awareness and communications 3,225,212 3,498,304 Administration 2,751,602 2,615,130 Government fees 18,971 11,654 5,995,785 6,125,088 22,829,265 24,039,676 Excess of expenses over revenue $ ($4,950,418) $ ($7,087,918) Year ended December 31, 2018, with comparative information for 2017 In 2018, EPRA-Québec celebrated an important milestone as we surpassed the 100,000 metric tonnes mark of end-of-life electronics collected since our program started in 2012. That represents more than 13 million devices! This achievement is largely due to all the citizens, industries, businesses and institutions in the province that answered the call. Moreover, it is a testament to how well the Québec Program for the Recovery and Reclamation of Electronic Products, better known as Recycle My Electronics, has progressed. Our spokesperson, scientist Martin Carli, encouraged the population to continue its efforts to recycle their old electronics by reminding them of the importance of recovering the precious resources still left unused in Québec households. Incidentally, this was the objective of our 2018 advertising campaign. Since many Quebecers appear undecided as to what to do with their old electronics, we used humour to caricature people’s attachment to things that are no longer useful, an effort to counter their tendency to hold on to their old devices. We struck a chord by using snapshots of old-fashioned objects that are dear to the collective memory of Quebecers. Another highlight of 2018 is that collected volumes have held steady, despite the fact that products are often smaller and lighter. These excellent results are in part due to our vast collection network, which is comprised of close to 1,000 authorized drop-off points across the Schedule of Operations Quebec EPRA-Québec province. More than 150 collection events – totalling more than 450 collection days – were organized in collaboration with municipalities and other partners all over Québec in 2018. This contributed to diverting thousands of old electronics from landfills, and to building awareness among the public. To offer the most efficient program possible, EPRA-Québec maintains sound business practices. As such, we ran a deficit and dipped into the contingency reserve to cover our 2018 operating costs, just as planned. We expect 2019 to unfold amid constant changes. The environment is top of mind for governments and the population alike. Technologies evolve rapidly, and the recycling industry is faced with new challenges. In this context, we will continue our efforts in building the awareness, efficiency and accessibility of our program. Dominique Levesque Executive Director, Quebec