10 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2018 Schedule of Operations Manitoba 2018 marked EPRA’s sixth year of safely and securely recycling end-of-life electronics (EOLE) in Manitoba. Our provincial totals continue to grow. Since the program began, we have diverted approximately 20,000 metric tonnes of EOLE from landfill. Public awareness continues to increase, up 7% over 2017. As the trend of light-weighting continues, metrics for quantifying diversion rates need to adapt to smaller, lighter and multi-purpose electronics. We expect to see a rise in the number of devices being diverted from landfill, and safely and securely recycled through the program. EPRA Manitoba will continue its drive for increased diversion rates through consumer outreach and awareness campaigns. We continued our goal of greater accessibility in 2018. The opening of eight new drop-off locations across the province brings the total to 86. Combined with the ongoing return-to-retail program, recycling in Manitoba is becoming more convenient and more accessible province-wide. Currently, 92% of Manitoba residents live within 15 minutes (urban) and 30 minutes (rural) of a drop-off location. After the successful launch of the more mobile-optimized and interactive Recycle My Electronics website, 2018 saw further development towards an increasingly customized user experience. The launch of regionally- specific landing pages resulted in more localized content and an improved search engine ranking. Community outreach remains a priority for both awareness and diversion. EPRA Manitoba continues to work with northern, remote, and First Nation communities to help ensure these populations can divert electronics in a safe and environmental manner. We will continue working to duplicate the success of these programs in other northern communities. 2018 also saw us extend our successful partnership with the Manitoba Moose. Now in its fourth year, our sponsorship of the “Power Play” scoreboard program continues to deliver the electronics recycling message to an engaged audience. Engagement and awareness are on the rise in Manitoba. With ongoing program accessibility and expansion throughout the province, I expect continued success in the future. Dennis Neufeld Program Director, Manitoba 2018 2017 Revenue: Environmental handling fees $ 3,170,136 $ $ 3,532,841 Interest 161,201 97,513 3,331,337 3,630,354 Expenses: Direct operations: Processing 1,595,357 1,547,400 Collection 558,473 580,422 Transportation, warehousing and storage 247,898 227,468 Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits 37,648 39,418 2,439,376 2,394,708 Other: Consumer awareness and communications 489,688 457,854 Administration 601,036 577,596 Government fees (45,261) 45,261 1,045,463 1,080,711 3,484,839 3,475,419 Excess of revenue over expenses (excess of expenses over revenue) $ ($153,502) $ 154,935 Year ended December 31, 2018, with comparative information for 2017 EPRA Manitoba