8 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2018 This past year marked another successful one for the diversion of end-of-life electronics (EOLE) from Saskatchewan landfills. Last year alone, EPRA Saskatchewan recycled over 2,344 metric tonnes of e-waste, ensuring resource recovery, while helping to protect the environment. The year also saw the introduction of the new Electronic Equipment Stewardship Regulations (OC 465/2017), which came after extensive government consultation with industry and other stakeholders. The passing of these new regulations by the Ministry of Environment means that consumers in Saskatchewan can recycle more types of EOLE, including microwaves and gaming devices, through the network of Recycle My Electronics drop-off locations. Continued expansion of EPRA Saskatchewan’s collection network in rural areas is making electronics recycling more accessible province-wide. Current accessibility sits at 93% of residents within 50 kms (rural) or 30 minutes (urban) of a drop-off location. Consumer polling in 2018 identified that program awareness continues to be high in Saskatchewan, with 89% of households aware of the provincial e-recycling program. Polling also revealed that most residents have at least one EOLE item at home; when coupled with the expanded list of accepted items and drop-off locations there is a great opportunity for those residents to safely and securely recycle their EOLE through the EPRA program. Schedule of Operations Saskatchewan Community outreach continued to be a priority in the consumer awareness strategy in 2018, and resulted in a partnership with our professional box lacrosse team, the Saskatchewan Rush. This partnership included television and radio coverage, interviews with players, and the ‘Rush to Recycle’ contest aimed at increasing e-recycling participation and program awareness. Building on the successful relaunch of the Recycle My Electronics website last year, 2018 saw the further development of localized online content on our website, a strategy that has increased our online search rankings and overall user experience. EPRA Saskatchewan remains committed to safe and secure EOLE recycling for residents of the province. Additional items and depots were added this year and new partnerships forged, paving the way to another successful decade of recycling end-of-life electronics in Saskatchewan. With the residents’ response to these positive changes in 2018, the future of electronics recycling is certainly bright. Gayleen Creelman Program Director, Saskatchewan 2018 2017 Revenue: Environmental handling fees $ 2,704,382 $ 2,746,671 Interest 181,265 131,263 2,885,647 2,877,934 Expenses: Direct operations: Processing 892,467 960,184 Collection 843,451 814,020 Transportation, warehousing and storage 257,355 253,827 Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits 48,217 54,209 2,041,490 2,082,240 Other: Consumer awareness and communications 510,746 597,932 Administration 600,234 573,441 1,110,980 1,171,373 3,152,470 3,253,613 Excess of expenses over revenue $ ($266,823) $ ($375,679) Year ended December 31, 2018, with comparative information for 2017 EPRA Saskatchewan