6 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2017 Ten years of electronics recycling in BC! We reached this very enviable milestone in August 2017, and BC continues to lead the way with public engagement on environmental awareness and active recycling. BC has a more extensive list of mandated recycling than anywhere else in North America, and it is a privilege to provide our stewards and the public with a safe and secure program to fulfill that mandate. As with the year prior, 2017 saw the continued trend of lighter, smaller electronics replacing the heavier devices of the past. At the same time, these lighter devices are ever more prevalent as the tech industry brings new tools and features to market. To accommodate this trend, EPRA BC has made it a priority to ensure that recycling electronics is as convenient as possible by increasing public awareness through enhanced outreach, and by continuing to increase the accessibility of drop-off locations. The expansion in drop-off locations continues to be focused on rural areas through a variety of collection site initiatives and our return-to-retail program. These act as supplements to our traditional drop-off locations, and offer residents more options for dropping off their EOLE – especially for those living in smaller communities. Another success in 2017 was the increase in public awareness by one per cent, with 76 per cent of respondents indicating awareness of an electronics recycling program in BC. To assist with outreach, EPRA BC participated in a national brand refresh that introduced a new mobile-friendly web experience along with new interactive tools. These online tools are fun to use and effective at educating residents of all ages, on how the recycling process works and what they can do to help ensure that all EOLE are safely recycled. EPRA BC is pleased that the last decade has made such a difference in protecting the BC environment, and we look forward to continuing to offer a safe, secure, world- class electronics recycling program for British Columbians. Craig Wisehart Executive Director, Western Canada Schedule of Operations British Columbia 2017 2016 Revenue: Environmental handling fees $ 20,567,851 $ 19,600,568 Interest 280,719 220,287 20,848,570 19,820,855 Expenses: Direct operations: Processing 8,182,700 8,746,199 Collection 3,970,076 4,339,782 Transportation, warehousing and storage 3,773,466 4,393,691 Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits 73,962 74,600 16,000,204 17,554,272 Other: Consumer awareness and communications 772,422 774,002 Administration 1,623,929 1,619,394 2,396,351 2,393,396 18,396,555 19,947,668 Excess (deficiency) of expenses over revenue $ 2,452,015 $ (126,813) Year ended December 31, 2017, with comparative information for 2016 EPRA British Columbia