18 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2017 EPRA New Brunswick had a very successful first year of operation in 2017, opening for “business” on March 30th. Though the program is only nine months old, we have seen a significant level of public awareness and participation already building. In 2017, we focused on consumer, business and municipal awareness initiatives to ensure broad knowledge of our program, an understanding of the regulated electronic products that can be diverted from landfills, and an awareness of where products should be taken for safe and secure collection and recycling. We managed to collect 799 tonnes, an impressive accomplishment considering the challenges of start-up inertia and the trend of light-weighting electronic devices. Following what the rest of the programs have seen, we expect to see less tonnage yet more devices as this trend continues. The Recycle My Electronics program launched in New Brunswick with the objective to service this bilingual province of approximately 750,000 residents. A specific focus of the new program is increasing consumer participation by addressing the heightened public awareness of personal data security. That messaging was part of a broader initiative to announce the program’s launch. Through print, web, radio and an event, we drove participation within our first few months of operation. EPRA New Brunswick Schedule of Operations New Brunswick Year ended December 31, 2017, with comparative information for 2016 Among our successes was the speed in which we established the network of drop-off centers. Just three short months after our program was approved, we worked with local businesses and recruited 31 drop-off locations to meet our launch date. In the following six months, 33 more sites were added to the program – bringing the total number of drop-off centers to 64 in less than a year. Those centers are made up of the existing and recognizable Redemption Centers, as well as other private businesses and regional waste management entities – allowing for a more robust network that provides easy access to the public. It has been an exciting first year of operation in New Brunswick, and I’m looking forward to continued public participation and program success. Karen Ulmanis Program Director, New Brunswick During 2016, costs were incurred by EPRA to bring the New Brunswick program online. The 2016 costs above are included in the EPRA 2017 unrestricted fund at year end and will be recovered in future years through New Brunswick environmental handling fees. 2017 2016 Revenue: Environmental handling fees $ 2,872,206 $ – Interest 9 – 2,872,215 – Expenses: Direct operations: Processing 387,332 – Collection 132,116 – Transportation, warehousing and storage 256,593 – Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits 8,838 – 784,879 – Other: Consumer awareness and communications 530,021 – Administration 574,502 228,506 Government fees 394,175 413,000 1,498,698 641,506 2,283,577 641,506 Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses $ 588,638 $ (641,506)