16 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2017 Schedule of Operations Newfoundland and Labrador In our four years of operation, EPRA Newfoundland and Labrador has processed over 3,900 tonnes of end-of- life electronics (EOLE). That’s 3,900 tonnes of televisions, tablets and computers (to name just a few examples) diverted from landfills to be repurposed into material that can be made into new products. Newfoundlanders and Labradorians continue to participate enthusiastically with the program as we engage with them across the province. The electronics industry continues to provide more useful, efficient and intriguing electronic devices. A trend that continues is light-weighting – the move to products that are lighter and often smaller (like phones), or physically larger but lighter (like flat screens). Light-weighting reduces total tonnage and makes units easier to handle, which is a positive development for our program. To keep the recycling message current, EPRA Newfoundland and Labrador participated in a national brand refresh. With a completely new web platform, we are able to offer Newfoundlanders and Labradorians a mobile-friendly site to find drop-off locations and program information, as well as access our new education portal – the online Learning Hub. EPRA Newfoundland and Labrador 2017 2016 Revenue: Environmental handling fees $ 2,172,179 $ 2,071,863 Interest 27,719 19,145 2,199,898 2,091,008 Expenses: Direct operations: Processing 403,489 444,217 Collection 189,295 198,272 Transportation, warehousing and storage 598,609 626,509 Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits 21,621 20,800 1,213,014 1,289,798 Other: Consumer awareness and communications 397,982 386,328 Administration 354,154 347,743 752,136 734,071 1,965,150 2,023,869 Excess of revenue over expenses $ 234,748 $ 67,139 Year ended December 31, 2017, with comparative information for 2016 Collection events in remote communities continue to provide public engagement, fund-raising and collection services. We look forward to extending this message as we celebrate our five-year program anniversary in 2018. The importance of recycling electronics starts with the device in your hand or in your home, and I am pleased to be part of providing a safe, secure solution for electronics recycling across Newfoundland and Labrador. Terry Greene Program Director, Newfoundland and Labrador