14 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2017 Schedule of Operations EPRA Nova Scotia and EPRA Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia PEI Total Revenue: Environmental handling fees $ 4,348,079 $ 670,624 $ 5,018,703 Interest 41,575 5,973 47,548 4,389,654 676,597 5,066,251 Expenses: Direct operations: Processing 1,766,717 269,964 2,036,681 Collection 622,787 87,232 710,019 Transportation, warehousing and storage 635,960 141,357 777,317 Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits 30,390 4,144 34,534 3,055,854 502,697 3,558,551 Other: Consumer awareness and communications 236,985 65,310 302,295 Administration 562,524 76,652 639,176 Government fees – 20,000 20,000 799,509 161,962 961,471 3,855,363 664,659 4,520,022 Excess of revenue over expenses $ 534,291 $ 11,938 $ 546,229 Year ended December 31, 2017 (unaudited) We have been operating in Nova Scotia since 2008, and are very proud of what we’ve achieved so far. In that time, we have seen a great deal of change in electronic products themselves, our program and recycling in general. I’m pleased that we have kept our program elements current to service the public, and that we continually invest in public engagement and education. The recycling culture is alive and well, as evidenced by our consumer awareness levels increasing to 88 per cent in 2017. Part of the brand refresh involved the launch of a completely new web experience. Designed from the ground up to be totally accessible from smartphones and tablets, the new site allows a wider audience to access all the information and tools from wherever they might be. With the launch of the Learning Hub, our national online interactive learning center, residents of both Nova Scotia and PEI can now learn about end-of-life electronic (EOLE) recycling and how they can make a difference! We continued to grow our collection network in Nova Scotia this year, with the addition of another full-time drop-off location in Eastern Passage. Our goal is to make EOLE drop-off as convenient as possible for all residents. We now have 69 drop-off locations across Nova Scotia that safely and securely accept electronics for recycling. EPRA Nova Scotia and EPRA Prince Edward Island Our Prince Edward Island program also continues to be very successful in electronics recycling. This year on Prince Edward Island (PEI), we collected 572 metric tonnes of EOLE. That’s four kg per person, making PEI the province with the highest per-capita collection across all of Canada. Like Nova Scotia, the trend of light-weighting is very apparent. Light-weighting does not mean fewer units, however. In fact, electronic products are rapidly expanding for new uses and with fun features, so our focus on encouraging safe, secure recycling of old units remains top priority. When it comes to recycling electronics, our mature programs and strong public engagement in Nova Scotia and PEI are setting a great example of environmental stewardship. Gerard MacLellan Executive Director, Atlantic Canada