10 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2017 Schedule of Operations Manitoba 2017 was our fifth year of operation in Manitoba, representing five successful years of electronics recycling since the regulation came into effect. Since inception, we have safely and securely recycled over 16,800 metric tonnes of end-of-life electronics (EOLE). With electronics becoming ever lighter and more streamlined, we expect that tonnage will decrease. However, we also expect the number of devices requiring recycling to increase exponentially. We plan to proceed with the same strategy of ensuring that as many devices as possible are responsibly recycled, in the same way EPRA Manitoba added small appliances and microwaves back in 2013 – an easy addition to the program for our stewards, the public and service providers. The focus in 2017 continued to be on growth and accessibility. Eight additional depots were opened, providing more rural collection coverage as well as urban accessibility. Our return-to-retail program, which continues to be a success in our larger centers, gives “shopping and dropping” convenience to the public. 2017 activities resulted in 92 per cent of Manitoba residents living within 30 minutes of one of EPRA Manitoba’s drop-off locations, which is great news as we continue to make recycling easy and available. On the promotion and awareness side, EPRA Manitoba participated in a national refresh of our branding. Consisting of the launch of a new website along with new interactive tools, the initiative continues to engage Manitobans. The refreshed website also provides more learning opportunities about electronic recycling. With mobile access on smartphones and tablets in mind, the new site was built from the ground up to be mobile friendly, meaning we can reach a whole new audience while making it easier for all users to access information like drop-off locations and upcoming events. Our relationship with the Manitoba Moose continued to thrive in its third year. EPRA Manitoba’s sponsorship of the “Power Play” scoreboard program provided the opportunity to engage fans in an impactful way. Manitoba Moose games are well attended by fans, enabling EPRA to share the importance of e-recycling to a new audience at every game. We are delighted with the first five years of the program, and the engagement in Manitoba on electronics recycling, and look forward to more success in the years to come. Dennis Neufeld Program Director, Manitoba 2017 2016 Revenue: Environmental handling fees $ 3,532,841 $ $ 3,446,534 Interest 97,513 72,798 3,630,354 3,519,332 Expenses: Direct operations: Processing 1,547,400 1,850,563 Collection 580,422 600,953 Transportation, warehousing and storage 227,468 246,860 Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits 39,418 37,400 2,394,708 2,735,776 Other: Consumer awareness and communications 457,854 409,071 Administration 577,596 570,214 Government fees 45,261 45,261 1,080,711 1,024,546 3,475,419 3,760,322 Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses $ 154,935 $ (240,990) Year ended December 31, 2017, with comparative information for 2016 EPRA Manitoba