8 EPRA ANNUAL REPORT 2017 Schedule of Operations Saskatchewan In 2017, EPRA Saskatchewan recycled over 2,200 metric tonnes of EOLE (end-of- life electronics), diverting e-waste from Saskatchewan landfills and recovering materials for re-use in the manufacturing of new items. This year also heralded 10 years since the launch of electronics recycling in the province, and EPRA Saskatchewan is proud of the role it plays and its commitment to protecting the environment of our province through responsible and sustainable recycling of EOLE. Awareness continues to be strong, with 85 per cent of the households polled aware of an e-recycling program in the province. Many also indicated, though, that they still have at least one EOLE device in the home. With the trend of light-weighting still in effect, it’s likely that most households will actually have more devices, not less, to drop off. Taking into consideration both trends, we continue to encourage Saskatchewan residents to drop these items off for recycling. Accessibility is a top priority. EPRA Saskatchewan has concentrated on the expansion of its collection network with two new drop-off locations added in rural areas. Our current accessibility is 93 per cent within 50 km. Equally important is public education and awareness. This year saw the optimization of EPRA Saskatchewan’s outreach programs with the launch of a new website, new branding, and a new interactive online learning platform. Our new website was part of a national brand launch, which focused on the optimization of our outreach. The Learning Hub is a unique platform that allows for Canadians both young and old to become aware of the intricate nature of electronics recycling. Educating Saskatchewan’s young residents is the key to long-term knowledge and participation with the program. EPRA Saskatchewan is committed to increasing the convenience of e-recycling to help residents safely and securely handle their EOLE, and prevent electronic devices from ending up in landfills. We’re delighted to have celebrated 10 years of e-recycling in Saskatchewan, and look forward to enabling the new obligated products in the regulation for 2018 announced by the Provincial Government this past November. Gayleen Creelman Program Director, Saskatchewan 2017 2016 Revenue: Environmental handling fees $ 2,746,671 $ 2,700,000 Interest 131,263 148,014 2,877,934 2,848,014 Expenses: Direct operations: Processing 960,184 1,154,685 Collection 814,020 890,653 Transportation, warehousing and storage 253,827 185,329 Quality assurance sampling and recycler audits 54,209 53,800 2,082,240 2,284,467 Other: Consumer awareness and communications 597,932 559,211 Administration 573,441 568,114 1,171,373 1,127,325 3,253,613 3,411,792 Excess of expenses over revenue $ (375,679) $ (563,778) Year ended December 31, 2017, with comparative information for 2016 EPRA Saskatchewan