CSR Steward Partnerships

Together, Stewards and EPRA/Recycle My Electronics have built strong partnerships that continue to drive awareness, electronics recycling and a shared understanding of sustainability initiatives across Canada.

EPRA/Recycle My Electronics programs help raise the profile of our partnership with stewards (retailer/distributer/producer) to drive redemption rates and grow retail foot traffic while supporting our partner’s sustainability messaging plus a more sustainable future.

Steward Partnership includes logistics and marketing support to all return-to-retail or permanent collection programming, as well as customizable solutions for partners looking to achieve their sustainability objectives.

To support steward Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and raise sustainability profiles for stewards, EPRA/Recycle My Electronics partner with stewards to develop promotional and education material – including point-of-sale (POS) such as brochures and tent/counter cards, collection events planning, banners, posters, digital assets, redemption coupons, newsletter content and in-store displays, including our certified data security programs ‘Look for the Leaf’ for drop-off locations for safe and secure recycling.


Select your province

Northwest Territories end-of-life electronics recycling program is operated by The Government of the Northwest Territories.  Please visit www.enr.gov.nt.ca/programs/electronics-recycling-program for more information on electronics recycling in Northwest Territories.

End-of-life electronic products stewardship programs are not regulated in Nunavut. Select another province or close the window.

Yukon’s end-of-life electronics recycling program is operated by Environment Yukon.  Please visit www.recycleyukonelectronics.ca for more information on electronics recycling in Yukon.

Alberta’s end-of-life electronics recycling program is operated by the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA).  Please visit www.albertarecycling.ca for more information on electronics recycling in Alberta.